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The future of farming is powered by AI

We are building the next generation farm management system that is integrating support for all your planning, production and sales operations, including automatic reporting for FSMA, GAP, and Organic certification. Join our pilot program to get early access.

Graphic of crop planning

AI-powered crop planning

We are developing the worlds first AI-powered crop planner that will revolutionize your ability to optimize your crop plan and maximize your yields. Once configured, all you have to do is to press a button to automatically generate a crop plan that is optimized for your harvest forecast, greenhouses, fields, high-tunnels, crop specifications, weather data, historic planting, inputs, and soil tests.

Crop plans that are executable

Gone are the days when crop plans were just static plans. With holo you can make your crop plans executable by configuring all the tasks you need from seeding, watering, to plant maintenance, and transplanting. Once set up, the task can be either automatically scheduled or trigged by certain events.

Give your customers real time access to what is available in your fields

Since your crop plans are executable and are updated daily, they become your real time inventory of what is available in your field. You field workers can easily track and update expected yields and harvest times directly out in the field. Since this is directly reflected in what is available in your online store, you will boost your customer trust and satisfaction with real time information on what is actually growing in your fields and available for sale.

Crop planning mapCrop planning map mobile

Supercharge your productivity with the farm task manager

Powerful scheduling

Holo’s task management system allows you to schedule and manage all tasks at the farm, including all task and logging requirements for GAP and Organic certifications. You can schedule recurring tasks that are allocated to specific team members and even configure new tasks to be automatically scheduled based on events in e.g. crop plans or incoming orders.

Easy to use mobile task manager for your team

A modern and simple interface that makes your team members more efficient than ever. Your team can easily view, manage, and record, all their tasks on the go, upload pictures and record audio notes, and the integrated mobile label printer lets you design QR code based workflows.

Automatic logging of time
Upload pictures
Record notes and audio notes
QR code based workflows
Integration with rugged mobile label printer
Storefront on desktop
Storefront checkout on mobile
Storefront checkout on mobile

A state of the art online store for both retail and wholesale customers

Built with the latest tech by world class e-commerce developers , this online store will make shopping a delightful experience for your customers. It supports separate prices and availability for both retail and wholesale customers, CSA subscriptions, discounts, easy reordering functionality, and it works great on both desktop and mobile devices.

Retail and wholesale availability & prices
Advanced CSA functionality
Extensive discount options
Delivery area definition
Define pickup locations
Cut-off times
Storefront on desktop
Storefront checkout on mobile
Storefront checkout on mobile

Make you crop plans available for future sale

Once you have your crop plan setup, you can just hit the share button and send the link to all your wholesale customers so that they can see what you are planning to grow in the upcoming season. In our next version, customers will also be able to request pre purchase agreements where they can specify the crops, quantity and time spans that they are interested in and you can reply to their bid by specifying your prices and availability.

Graphic of crop planning

Automate reporting for GAP and Organic certifications

By combining the data from all the digitized workflows, such as crop planning, tasks management, harvesting, order packing, and sales, we are able to automatically generate the reports needed for GAP and Organic certifications, saving you countless hours that you can spend on something way more fun. 

Graphic of crop planning

Automate your harvest workflows

Streamline task allocation for your harvest manager

Harvesting lists are automatically generated by aggregating all the pre orders for a given day. A manager can easily allocate harvest tasks to different team members and even define what field they should harvest from. Harvest task allocation can also be automated using the powerful task scheduling functionality.

Mobile support for your field teams

The Holo mobile app makes it very efficient for your harvesting teams to track and manage the tasks that are allocated to them. For each harvest task, it is easy to record the field that was used by using the GPS guided lookup, and once the task is marked as completed, the time, person and LOT number are automatically recorded. With the integrated rugged mobile label printer, your team members can also print labels that contain crop name, qty, time, field name, LOT number and the person that performed the harvesting. The labels also contain QR codes that your packing house team can scan in order to record this information for each line item that they pack.

Harvesting on desktop
Harvesting on mobile

Get on top of your soil health

A comprehensive dashboard for soil tests

With Holo's soil test dashboard, you can easily get a comprehensive overview of your soil test data overlaid on top of your fields. Switch between layers for different soil test parameters to view your fields color-coded according to the data value for each field. You can also easily pull up your planting records within the same view to compare trends in your soil test data with what you have planted over time in that field. It is quick to bulk upload all your historic soil tests to get started, but we will also work on integration with leading soil test labs to enable automatic syncing of soil test results.

App for soil sampling

Our mobile app will include functionality that will make it super simple for you and your staff to take soil samples with speed and accuracy without relying on expensive service providers. With the app, you can record the time and GPS location for each core that you collect and automatically print labels for composite samples as well as the lab order forms. This will drastically improve the accuracy of your soil data as you can collect soil samples with better temporal and spatial precision and consistency.

Harvesting on desktop
Harvesting on mobile

Increase efficiency and accuracy for your packing house team

The order packing functionality allows you easily update and confirm line item quantities and print labels. When the order is packed, a fulfillment email is automatically sent to the customers so that they know exactly what they will get. You can easily add field information for each line to allow for field traceability.

    Update line item qty and weights
    Automate label printing
    Automated customer email notification
    Logging for GAP compliance
Storefront checkout on mobileCrop planning map mobile
About Holo

For the past 12,000 years, the Earth has experienced a stable climate period, which has allowed humanity to develop agriculture, civilizations, and many other hallmarks of modern life. This geological epoch is called the Holocene. The vast amount of CO2 we have released into the atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution is now threatening the very existence of the Holocene; we are on a clear path to enter a new human-made epoch with catastrophic consequences. Roughly 20% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere comes from the degradation of our agricultural lands.

At holo, our mission is to contribute to the fight to preserve the Holocene by building the digital infrastructure needed to scale up the transition to regenerative agriculture. We believe that to achieve this, it is vital that we develop a farm operating system that has the digital tools necessary to make diversified regenerative farming cost efficient and to build a marketplace that makes it easy for all types of buyers to source from farmers with fields that have verified high carbon levels. Please reach out if you want to join us in our mission to preserve the Holocene by building a regenerative world.